M/Tu*/W/Th*/F  10:30 am

Tues/Thurs  4:45 & 5:45pm


Barre Sculpt is a high-energy, challenging and fun workout designed to safely tone and tighten your entire body!  Utilizing a ballet barre, light weights and resistance bands, this class incorporates isometric movements, pilates, and resistance training while remaining low impact and easy on your joints.  Modifications offered to guarantee your success no matter what injury or limitation you may be working with.  Carve some serious long, lean muscles with this one!


Vinyasa Flow

Wed 5:30am

Mon 5:45p

Vinyasa flow yoga suitable for beginners or more advanced students.  Moderate pace, not too slow, not too fast gives you time to master the poses and feel successful every time!  Relaxing yet invigorating, a winning combo!  


HIIT + Strength

Fri  9:15a (45min)

Sat 9:15a

Strong Start (w/o the cardio:)

Mon/Wed 7am

A challenging and FUN, fast- paced class combining elements of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) , Tabata, and traditional strength moves.  Expect to use heavier dumbells,  kettlebells, battleropes, resistance bands and more in this Coreworks favorite!  This class can be modified for all fitness levels, no need to feel intimidated!   Our Hip Hop playlist will keep you motivated and have you singing along from start to finish.




Power Yoga/Power Strong 

Mon 5:30am (45 min class)                    Start your day off with an upbeat and vigorous yoga flow!  On Sunday we add weights :)         

Sunday 8:00am (with weights)


Self-Care Yoga

Sunday 4:30 pm                                        Get ready for the week ahead with a mindful practice that will allow you set  intentions  and enjoy a killer workout in the process.