Coreworks is downtown Bellingham’s only boutique barre studio, offering small class sizes, skilled instructors, and a truly unique workout experience you won’t find anywhere else!  Our original programming includes a combination of many fitness influences in each class to keep your mind engaged and your muscles working in new and different ways every week.  We are a small, locally owned business and take pride in delivering the best possible environment for your workout.  No big corporations or franchises here, just two friends with a dream to open a studio where all bodies and fitness levels feel welcome and successful.   We encourage you  to take a class and see for yourself!

Upcoming Classes

SUMMER 2019:

Be sure to follow us on Instagram - coreworksfit and FB for updates on new classes, events, and other important info! WE CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH, AS ANY SCHEDULE UPDATES WILL BE POSTED ON SOCIAL MEDIA NOT HERE!!!

NEW CLASS ALERT: Monday 9:15am Hailey and Rachel will be teaming up (Like in the old days!!) to bring you a serious circuit workout to start your week! Clover’s back from maternity leave and ready to work you with a 7am Barrexpress on Wed and bringing back the Tuesday 4:45 Barre Sculpt :) On Wednesday at noon Kate will be bringing you a Vinyasa Yoga class to help you over the hump of the work week AND Saturday 10:30 will now be Barre HIIT, with optional cardio bursts to give you some major feelings of accomplishment for your weekend. NO MORE SATURDAY 9:15 HIIT or SUNDAY 4:30 YOGA for the rest of the summer.

To reserve a spot in class just take advantage of the super easy "BOOK HERE” button at the bottom of this page OR on the “BOOK" buttons now shown on our IG and Facebook pages.  They’re simple to use and while making a reservation isn’t mandatory, it really helps us all with planning the best possible in-class experience for you. You can also reserve a spot in class by sending an email to:    Phone calls are the least effective way to reach us :)

WE NOW HAVE CHILD CARE MONDAY-THURSDAY AT 10:30, and TUES/THURS at 9:15!  We do ask that you PLEASE reserve childcare spots. PLEASE NOTE NO CHILDCARE ON FRIDAYS.

Mondays   - 5:30a Power Flow Yoga (45min), 9:15a Circuit Strength; *10:30a Barre Sculpt

Tuesdays -  *9:15a Barrexpress (45 min), *10:30a Barre Sculpt,  12:00p Pilates/Mat Barre (45min),  4:45p Barre Sculpt

Wednesdays  -  5:30am Vinyasa Yoga (45min), *10:30a  Barre Sculpt, 12:00 Vinyasa Flow 5:45p HIIT Strong, 5:30p Barre Sculpt MAPLE FALLS

Thursdays  -   *9:15a Barrexpress, *10:30 Barre Sculpt,  12:00p Pilates/Mat Barre (45min ); 5:30p Barre Stretch MAPLE FALLS

Fridays -     5:30am Vinyasa Yoga (45 min)10:30a Barre Sculpt

Saturdays  -  10:30a Barre HIIT, 8a Barre Sculpt MAPLE FALLS

* - Classes with childcare available


$12 drop in     $89 for 10 classes (exp. 2 months from start date)   $85 monthly unlimited   $75 student unlimited

Discounts available for students and employees of St. Joseph's Hospital,  Bellingham School District and our local Gov't  :

$79 for 10 classes (exp. 2 months from start date) $70 monthly unlimited

MAPLE FALLS ONLY PRICES:  $10 drop in, 5 classes for $40, 10 for $75