Coreworks is downtown Bellingham’s only boutique barre studio, offering small class sizes, skilled instructors, and a truly unique workout experience you won’t find anywhere else!  Our original programming includes a combination of many fitness influences in each class to keep your mind engaged and your muscles working in new and different ways every week.  We are a small, locally owned business and take pride in delivering the best possible environment for your workout.  No big corporations or franchises here, just two friends with a dream to open a studio where all bodies and fitness levels feel welcome and successful.   We encourage you  to take a class and see for yourself!

Upcoming Classes

WINTER 2019:


We’re so excited to be expanding our schedule and giving you so many options to come workout with us every week!  We’ve added a new 8am class on Sunday, POWER STRONG taught by Autumn: a special blend of weights and yoga served up in Autumn’s signature style - you’ll feel so loved and supported yet also like you just got your butt kicked.   The 9:15 Barrexpress is no longer a pop up but a part of the regular schedule thanks to your attendance :) We’ll also continue our 7am Monday/Wed STRONG START taught by a our newest trainer, Clover. Low-impact strength class to kick off the day, and like ALL of our classes moves can be modified to make them less/more challenging so everyone can feel successful! Friday mornings we’ll be adding another 9:15 express class - this one a juicy HIIT class with lots of strength work to kick off your TGIF celebrations.  Our Saturday 10:30a Barre Sculpt class will be making an appearance all of January, and our Saturday HIIT class will now be an hour and start at 9:15 instead of 9:30!    Laura will be doing another Metal Yoga class soon, and also adding in a super slow, stretchy Yin class day and time TBD (we’d love to hear your suggestions!)  We look forward to a mom and baby postnatal series in the near future as well, standby for details about that one.

Another big change - we’ll now be offering Barre Sculpt classes in Maple Falls - at the visitor’s center.  Rachel will be teaching these babies and you can find her there on Saturday at 8am and Wednesday at 5:30pm.

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To reserve a spot in class just take advantage of the super easy "BOOK HERE” button at the bottom of this page OR on the “BOOK" buttons now shown on our IG and Facebook pages.  They’re simple to use and while making a reservation isn’t mandatory, it really helps us all with planning the best possible in-class experience for you. You can also reserve a spot in class by sending an email to:   

WE NOW HAVE CHILD CARE MONDAY THRU FRIDAY AT 10:30!  We do ask that you PLEASE reserve childcare spots.

Mondays   - 5:30a Power Flow Yoga (45min),  7:00am Strong Start, *10:30a Barre Sculpt, 5:45 Vinyasa Flow

Tuesdays -  9:15a Barrexpress (45 min), *10:30a Barre Sculpt,  12:00p Pilates/Mat Barre,  4:45p Barre Sculpt, 5:45p Barre Sculpt

Wednesdays  -  5:30am Vinyasa Yoga (45min), 7:00am Strong Start, *10:30a  Barre Sculpt, 5:45p HIIT Strong, 5:30p Barre Sculpt MAPLE FALLS

Thursdays  -   9:15a Barrexpress, *10:30 Barre Sculpt,   12:00p Pilates/Mat Barre,  4:45p Barre Sculpt,  5:45p Barre Sculpt

Fridays -    9:15a HIIT Express, *10:30a Barre Sculpt

Saturdays  -  9:15a HIIT, 10:30a Barre Sculpt, 8a Barre Sculpt MAPLE FALLS

Sundays - 8:00 Power Strong (yoga + weights!), 4:30p Self Care Flow (set your intentions for the coming week!)

* - Classes with childcare available


$12 drop in     $89 for 10 classes (exp. 2 months from start date)   $85 monthly unlimited   $70 student unlimited

Discounts available for students and employees of St. Joseph's Hospital,  Bellingham School District and our local Gov't  :

$79 for 10 classes (exp. 2 months from start date) $70 monthly unlimited

MAPLE FALLS ONLY PRICES:  $10 drop in, 5 classes for $40